Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Lord: Forgive me for my constant mocking of everything you have placed in order. I know I want to honor, respect and follow you, and my own attempts are short comings in there own pathetic attempt. Forgive me for misuseing these gifts you have given my, for degrading my mind and heart with my eyes, for allowing my mind and heart to be misguided by what my ears hear, Dear God forgive me for being a fool where my feet and hands have taken me. You did not die on a cross to allow me to do such things, i know so. Forgive me for not proclaiming your name in the public squares and in private conversations. I See so many opportunites and broken hearts and my own words are few and far between, what a gift this togune is and how litttle i use it for what it was given to me to use it for. Forgive me for my failed attempts, my half hearted tries at following you. I have a desire to, but often my own attempts are but dirty rags in your sight.

But most of all Lord Jesus... please forgive me... please forgive me when i splash your God given blood like its a pool. I was not put on this world to go my own way... I was not placed hear to try to find someone to love, or drive a nice car, or waste my time playing video games. Thank you for giving these human fullfillments, But i am not hear to splash around in your blood. Give me the courage to follow what you would have me do, make me less and you more. Dare I say kill me if i dont preach the gospel, for what is life if it cannot be shared...Thank you Jesus...

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