Monday, March 25, 2013

Many men have died, many men hung and hang by a tree in the form of a cross. Many men suffered more evil and tortures than him. Many have been beaten worse and resuscitate to be beaten again. Many been in the streets while the crowds scream for them to die. Many have been mocked and ridiculed like him. But none gone through what he had to go through... The one and only God, The purest being ever to exist, that could not even look upon sin and evil, was rejected by his father and took the sin of the entire would to bring about forgiveness that this planet had never known... Aye, his death was not the first, or last of its kind. His physical suffering was gruesome, but still human. But thank you Lord for taking my sin, my evil and my shame from me so I may know you more... Even death could not contain you for long... Heh, yeah, a real love story...

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