Monday, April 8, 2013

What have we become... what are our values now? Why have we sank so far down?...

I see it more and more. I hear it without end, it is a message put on repeat without a hope for stopping. Just today I heard on the radio that there is a age were women stop becoming more attractive, they had male caller's call up and guess the age. What are they doing? There capping women's self confidence. I heard another radio station suggesting a product that can bring back a women's "Youth, confidence and looks" with a exercise program. I hear it about men, these astronomical claims about testosterone booster, exercise programs and chemicals to attract the other sex. Do you see or hear a pattern developing here? I don't know about the world, but for the general population of America, the glory of youth is trying to be taken back from a grip unclaspable. Promises from the media, promises from celebrities who have had plastic surgeries and spend unknown amount of times at the gym: that you can to look like them to if you do one simple trick.... Can anyone, Me included, say that when the tux is tightened, the makeup applied, the arms worked out, the shirt cut lower, the facial hair trimmed so perfectly... can anyone say it was just done to look good, nothing more or less... I for one cannot, I do it so others may look my way, and its a sad reality when i realize what i do..

I think... without a doubt, every man and women in there right mind know they cannot undo time, that its tricks are not tricks but realities. The few who have come to the reality that this is life, not a reverse game, are often the most comfortable people in the world. Those who have grasp that life is fleeting, and were here for only a short time, many times don't bother with a mirror. Because if we all chanted "Mirror mirror on the wall..." It would give a sarcastic laugh back. God has not put us on this earth to try to live forever, or to look good going to the grave... No, we have bigger responsibilities, higher goals that perfect beauty cannot help us achieve... By the grace of god ill accept my faults, my problems and my acne.. the list shall go on, till we are in the cloud of witnesses, standing in a new body, one that we can really call... Perfect.

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