Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is faith

Its funny, I was starting to think about old so called "Essays" i wrote when I was younger. I called them the "what is" essays as a 13 year old tried to explain what simple truths were. I guess I felt i knew what i was talking about, but from 2008 and 2013 you learn a thing or two. My first instinct was to redo them, see what i could come up with. Redo the "what is friends essay", the "what is faith essay", the "What is pleasure" essay... Heh... then I realized i was nothing more than ignorant and cursed with a silver tongue... I guess you can say I don't want to rewrite them.. Yeah time changes many things, I just hope if I ever did rewrite them, it wouldn't be the same statements with a little more eloquence put behind them...

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